Why is my data not syncing to my other devices?

Having trouble syncing your data with iCloud? Here are a few possible reasons:

  • You are not signed into iCloud on one of your devices.

  • iCloud Drive is disabled in the Settings app. Make sure the toggle is on in Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Drive.

  • CouchTimes syncing is disabled. Ensure the toggle is on in Settings > [your name] > iCloud > CouchTimes.

  • Your iCloud account has run out of space.

  • Your iCloud account is restricted by Parental Controls or Mobile Device Management.

  • Your device is experiencing internet connectivity issues.

  • Your device is low on battery or in Low Power Mode.

By checking and addressing these potential issues, you can help ensure that your data is properly synced and up-to-date across all of your devices.

Please contact support@couchtim.es if you are unable to resolve the issue.

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